Asian Identity: The Race to Equality

I guess you could say it all started with The Goonies.

What’s the Goonies? It’s an 80's film about a bunch of kids who find a treasure map - adventure ensues. But more importantly, it’s where I, a 7-year-old kid remember turning to my sister and going “Woah, there’s an Asian in this film.” Because most Western films I’d watched didn’t have Asians in them. And even less films had an Asian American actor playing one of the main characters. And all I could think of while watching was “that’s a kid like me.”

Not a lot has changed since then. 

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Danielle Hioe (aka Elle) is currently studying a Bachelor of Communication (Media Arts and Production) and a Bachelor of International Studies at UTS. She has always had a keen interest in what it means to grow up Asian in Australia, and her many interests compose of fashion, cinematography, music, memes, sad Japanese novels and foreign films. Follow Elle on Instagram @14strk.

'IDENTITY II DANIELLE' was posted by Tara (fashionbambini) and explores Elle's views on Asian misrepresentation in western media and a variety of other topics. For more from Tara, follow her on Instagram and YouTube.