Start of Something New - Playlist #1

Here at DRAFT HQ we've been heavily focused on new beginnings. 2016, for most of us, marked the end of our schooling journey, and the start of our tertiary education adventure. It marked the transition from teenager into adulthood. It marked the end of our blogging careers, and the beginning of DRAFT. And so, what better way to celebrate these new beginnings than through everyone's ultimate jam - 'Start of Something New' *collective cheers* bc who doesn't love Troyella/Zanessa???.

We're also fairly flexible here at DRAFT - if you're a tight-arse and don't wanna pay for Spotify; no judgement, power to you. Have a play of that YouTube playlist (you're welcome).

Matea Jozic, DRAFT's Music Editor, is currently studying Digital Media at Australia Catholic University (ACU). She basically lives and breathes music, having attended over twenty gigs in the last twelve months and would love to work in the music industry some time in the future. For more, follow Matea on Instagram.