I feel some sort of vulnerability right now. This magazine thus far is a physical manifestation of the last few months of my life. It's the late nights, the early mornings, the weekly meetings in the Melbourne Central food court, and what seems to be the never ending to-do list.

We're a small team but we have a big dream. For a long time now, I've noticed that there's a gap in the market. The need for a platform that provides information. We are young people. We're speaking to young people. We're discussing topics that aren't discussed - they're controversial, they're underground, they're ignored. We are the future. And we can't afford to be ignorant.

While developing the vision for this project, we realised the huge amount of untapped creative talent within our generation. We're here to support both local and international artists. To share their work, discuss their ideas, and provide exposure to people that deserve it.

I'm so excited that I'm able to create a platform that allows young people to speak about issues of their choosing. To have a voice, and be heard. We have contributors ranging from the ages of fourteen to twenty five. From Melbourne to Canada. From Indigenous Australians to Americans. Both men and women. 

The name DRAFT explains what we stand for. We're here to make noise. We're here to empower young people. We do acknowledge that we're young - we want to learn and we want to inform, and sometimes we'll get it wrong. DRAFT for me, is abandoning perfection - there's so much pressure on our generation to set high expectations. In high school I became my own harshest critic and my own worst enemy. The concept of a draft should be really positive. It's an opportunity to try new things. It's an opportunity to have a go. But most importantly, it's an opportunity to learn.

The launch of this website is step one. It's nowhere near the end, if anything this is quite literally just the beginning. This website serves to start a discussion. 

We'll be posting new content twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday nights at 6pm EST. Expect the unexpected, we're looking to shake things up. Shoot us an email at editor@d-magazine.com.au or visit our submissions page if you want to be involved. 

Thank you for supporting us on this journey, hopefully I'll see you in December if you're willing to stick around for this self imposed emotional rollercoaster.