The Village School Project (VSP) is a volunteer organisation, working with communities to establish sustainable educational infrastructure and support. Their programs empower the community to determine their own educational outcomes, with the ultimate aim of bringing an end to the cycle of extreme poverty. The VSP has made primary education their focus because of its critical role in poverty alleviation, due to the importance of education in wealth creation and improved health outcomes.


The VSP has a holistic approach to tackling projects aimed at poverty alleviation. It is a four-tiered model, which includes project management, fundraising, partnerships and advocacy. By working collaboratively with indigenous organisations, the VSP are able to deliver projects that are relevant, representative, culturally appropriate and sustainable for village school communities.



The VSP is currently focusing their efforts on the village of Waanki Gopo in the Mana Sibu District in the West Wollega Zone of the Oromia Region, Africa. And to date have contributed $36,250. Since a 'Needs Assessment' was conducted in 2012, four individual projects have been implemented in this region including the Waanki Gopo Road Project, the School Building Project, the Water and Sanitation Project, and the Scholarship Program. 


The vision of the VSP is that they see a world where every child and every community is empowered by access to quality education so that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.