DRAFT Magazine aims to give young people a voice, encouraging them to inform their peers about social and political issues of their choosing. 

We’re a small team, but we have a big dream. Currently, there’s a need for a platform that provides information to young people. People always say our generation is the future, and when you think of it like that, we as a collective can't afford to be ignorant.

We're discussing topics that aren't discussed - they're controversial, they're underground, they're ignored. We’re young, some may argue this is to our detriment, but who better to speak to young people than young people. We have contributors from the ages of fourteen to twenty five. From Melbourne to Canada. From Indigenous Australians to Americans. Both men and women. So many different voices, but we’re working together as one.

Our inaugural issue, 'DRAFT #1' is titled, 'The Kids Are Alright' - to prove to the Baby Boomers and Gen X's in our life that, the kids are gonna be okay. 

All profits from the sale of DRAFT #1 will be donated directly to the Village School Project in an attempt to not only educate those in our nation but abroad. To learn more about who they are and what they do, click here


9:42pm, 22nd March 2016

First year uni isn't as fun as people told me it would be. It consisted of endless readings, endless assignments and very little sleep. I was lacking motivation, a purpose. Darcey and I met on Orientation Day at Uni in February. We've always been 'on the same page'. 

In chronological order, we considered Push Magazine, Discuss Magazine, Social Magazine, Space Magazine, ctrl Magazine, People Magazine, Shift Magazine, Flow Magazine, Tag Magazine, Public Magazine, Moment Magazine, Dazed Magazine, Revamp Magazine, wknd Magazine, Community Magazine, Tamed Magazine, [A] Magazine, Original Magazine, Open Magazine, Worn Magazine, Authentic Magazine, Change Magazine, Ltd Magazine, Society Magazine, District Magazine, Affect Magazine, Club Magazine, Tag Magazine, Rift Magazine, Status Magazine, Catalogue Magazine, Index Magazine, Draft Magazine, Chronicle Magazine, W Magazine, Plural Magazine, Cohort Magazine, Assembly Magazine, Directory Magazine, Print Magazine, Taken Magazine, Average Magazine, Edition Magazine, Volume Magazine, Issue Magazine, Divided Magazine, KALE Magazine (lol), Document Magazine.

Choosing our name was one of the most challenging tasks of this whole process. Not only do you want to find something that summarises your brand and what you're trying to achieve but GOD there are so many more magazines out there than I thought there was. 

TOP 11

TOP 11

March 30th 2016 - DRAFT was first mentioned.

The name DRAFT explains what we stand for. We do acknowledge that we're young - we want to learn and we want to inform, and sometimes we'll get it wrong. DRAFT is about abandoning perfection - there's so much pressure on our generation to set high expectations. The concept of a draft should be really positive. It's an opportunity to try new things. It's an opportunity to have a go. But most importantly, it's an opportunity to learn.